About the music

Interface Type Seven is an independent ambient electronic music project based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in late 2014, IT7 explores a variety of ambient and experimental sounds, ranging from synthesized soundscapes and pads, to minimalist drones.

IT7 performances tend to be melodic and droning in nature, consisting of sequences that build slowly over several minutes, with wide delays and giant reverbs that take the listener on a nostalgic and meditative journey.

Interface Type Seven consists of its sole founding member, John Squibb -- professional programmer by day, and experimental musician by night.

About the production

When working in the studio, IT7 employs a variety of analog and digital synthesizers to craft its sound, adding in additional outboard and digital effects as the arrangements evolve. Instruments heard throughout the works include the Moog Sub 37, Sequential Prophet 6, Dreadbox Erebus, Arp Odyssey (Korg), Novation Bass Station II, Arturia MiniBrute, Modor NF-1, and more. Tracks also feature an ever-changing Eurorack modular system with modules from Moog, Dreadbox, MakeNoise, Doepfer, Befaco, and Mutable Instruments. An array of reverb, delay, and distortion stompboxes were used in IT7’s early works (Programmatic, Systems, Save the Machine State).

In addition to hardware, Interface Type Seven employs a wide variety of software, including synths and effects from Native Instruments, Arturia, Valhalla DSP, XILS-Lab, Eventide, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, apeSoft, Moog, Korg, and others. Developing customized instruments and effects in Reaktor core/primary is of particular interest to John, and sounds from uniquely-crafted ensembles often make their way into IT7 tracks.

All productions are arranged, mixed, and mastered in the home studio in Las Vegas, using a PC, Ableton Live, Magix Samplitude, and, on occasion, an old Tascam Portastudio 414.


You can purchase and listen to Interface Type Seven’s albums around the web via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CDBaby, and Bandcamp, as well as the various streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud -- Check out the Discography section for more details.